Fundraise smarter! Go virtual with your event! Have a smart gala!

Going virtual isn't just smart,
it works.

Having a virtual gala is one of the BEST tools to add to your charity’s fundraising rhythm. Here at Smart Gala we bring your message to a larger audience and raise more money for your mission – all without the financial risk normally associated with a traditional gala.

A Larger Audience

Fundraising events are often limited by ticket sales or the number of seats in an event hall – virtual galas have the potential to reach an unlimited audience literally ANYWHERE in the world. Donors are now able to be involved from any location.

Raise More money

When it comes to fundraising events, we know different donors like to give in different ways. Virtual fundraising events are a new way to reach a whole new group of donors. This adds to your nonprofit’s ability to raise more money and reach more people. 

Cost Effective

Virtual galas are practically risk-free. You no longer have to worry about raising enough money to cover the cost of your venue, catering and auction staff. This means a larger percentage of your revenue goes directly to your nonprofit.

Benefit Auctions in U.S.
$ b i l l i o n
raised by benefit auctions
b i l l i o n
lives changed

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You bring the heart, we bring everything else.

with smart gala,
virtual is

Fundraising consultant

Our professionals are ready to revolutionize and innovate your virtual gala with fresh ideas and real-life fundraising experience.

Energetic EVENT EMCEe

Our event emcee’s are experts at helping your team bring the energy needed to effectively engage an audience through live video.

Live Auctioneer

Our live benefit auctioneers help you put the FUN back into fundraising. They are entertainers that raise more money for your nonprofit.

Auction Items

While assisting in your auction item search, we provide valuable resources that will help you offer the BEST auction items possible.

Full Production Team

Our professional tech team is specialized in executing live events and ensuring that broadcasts are streamed seamlessly.

Professional stream

Our technical production is run on industry recognized equipment, ensuring your virtual event is professional and polished.

Designer & Editor

We also offer our graphic designers & video editors to help build captivating visual content to be displayed during your virtual gala.

Virtual event Planner

Our event planners use their experience with virtual galas to help make sure your event runs smoothly and your message is told clearly.

You have the mission.

we have the fundraising expertise.

We have the technology.

virtual can change your horizons.

What our clients say

“You made our gala auction into a six figure event! Way more than we could have ever dreamed from the live auction at our school’s gala auction. You are the best auctioneer I have ever seen!”

Charity Auction Event

"Nothing but rave reviews about you! Incredibly professional, warm and very respectful. People felt happy to participate and not bullied or shamed into donating. You truly made the event the success it was. You are the best!"

Robin S.
Fundraising Auction Chair

“Having only had silent auctions in the past, you added more fun, more money, & more excitement with the live charity auctioneer concept. We have now used you for several years and each year gets better and better. Thank you!”

Fundraising Gala
LEt's go virtual!

Your next fundraising event doesn’t have to be complicated. Let us help you raise more money so your organization can touch more lives. 

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