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When you hire the smart gala, you're not just hiring an auctioneer, you're hiring a team.

The Best Auctioneers

We believe that an auctioneer is hired to do more than just stand on stage and shout out numbers. An auctioneer needs to be entertaining and engaging to your donors while simultaneously raising the most money possible. That's why our auctioneers are all professionally trained and work as auctioneers full-time. For them, it's not a hobby, it's a passion. As the ambassador for your event, they take the time to learn about the heart of your organization and then custom tailor the experience to fit your needs.

The Smartest IDeas

Our team gets to see behind-the-scenes of the largest fundraising events in the country and we put their secrets to work at your event. The world is always rapidly changing and we stay on top of industry advancements. We custom tailor the 'best practices' to fit your organization, guiding you through every step of the process. We give you access to our exclusive live and silent auction item lists, templates, custom bidder paddles and more. As your event consultants we are only a phone call away no matter the time of day.

The Most Money

We know the more money we raise the more people you can help through your organization. That's why we sit down with you and create a plan for how to make that happen. Our proven strategies will ensure that you raise the most money possible, leaving not even a dollar on the table. Don't take our word for it, read what our clients say. Our record breaking results have taken spaghetti dinners to million dollar events.



What our clients say

"Our audience loved our Smart Gala auctioneer! He was extremely professional, warmhearted and courteous. Our donors felt it was a joy to participate and were not bullied or shamed into giving. Our event was a success because of the Smart Gala! They are awesome!"
Robin S.
Fundraising Auction Chair
“The Smart Gala turned our fundraising auction into a six figure event! It was beyond our wildest expectations for our school's charity auction. Truly the best auctioneer we have ever worked with!"
Charity Event Chair
“This was our first year having a live auction and The Smart Gala added more fun, more entertainment & more excitement with the live fundraising auctioneer idea. We have used them for many years now and every year raises more and more money. Thank you!”
Benefit Auction Chair

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